Age - 9 /  Congu Current H/C -  10.3 -  Home Course - The Kendleshire Bristol UK (Par 71 - 6567 yards)



2017.04.12- Today the BJGT travelled to Wellingborough GC . This is a very tiring course to walk , not huge in length at 6422 yards  - Par 72 , but I found it very long to play . Getting tired by the end , I was happy to finish with a Gross 95 - This was special as managed to pick up my 3rd trophy of the year to add to my collection and this time it was a 3rd place Gross  - Next we head to Bourne GC on 23rd April-17

2017.04.03 - Played in the Avon Schools Championships today to represent my school. Very happy to score a Gross 92 today at the 6684 - Par 73 Chipping Sodbury GC - Steady golf through the round and this should see my H/C cut soon. 

2017.03.26 - Today was an amazing day at the Park Hill GC - It was the British Junior Golf Tour event as the qualifier for the IMG 2017 World Finals in San Diego USA - Playing in the 7-8 years age category , I was blessed to score a +4 over par Gross 77 . The special 7-8 years 4,000 yard course was in great condition and I managed a level par 36 on the outbound 9. With a double bogey at 10th I stumbled , but a par and birdie to follow got me back on track.  4 bogeys in row through 13-16 had my Dad worried, but a birdie on the 17th and a par at the last was enough to qualifier for the USA by 1 shot . The day was made all the more special as the event was filmed for the Sky Sports programme Game Changers and meant I did TV Interviews after the event , which was super cool.

2017.03.12 - Im back after a while away from the blog with lots of focus on football through the winter months , the Golf season has started once again and I am very proud to be part of the British Junior Golf Tour. I have signed up for their Super 6 events and thus far played 2 events in their Challenge Division (Open Age Group for H/C 14-28) - 18 holes of Golf - Yellow Tees - Great fun . So far in Event 1 at The Bedford GC a tough par 71 -  6194 yards , I managed to score gross 99 (in crazy wind - this included a quad bogey that hurt and really changed my round , but hey thats golf right ! ) ..Next up was Event 2 at the Cambridge Merdian GC on the 12th March-17  . This club is Par 73  - 6244 yard course and in wet weather I scored a gross 96, which saw my handicap cut dowe to 26. - (Woo Hoo , getting lower) -  . Next the Tour moves to Loughborough to Park Hill GC on the weekend of 25th and 26th. Time to make more new friends and continue to enjoy this great game...


2016.11.25 - Had the great pleasure today to do a photoshoot and interview with Neil and Andrew from Xtratime magazine . Really looking forward to seeing the images and article in 2017 - Good people 

2016.11.23 - Great 50 mins putting practice with Dad tonight, really feeling the benefit in my stroke of all the extra work I am putting in this winter.

2016.11.20  - Another FIRST today,  as I played my first match to represent Bristol City Football Academy , Football through this winter is going really well and as I said the fitness levels can only help my golf and strength on the course.

2016.11.18 - Super excited to announce that I was named "Young Sports Player Of The Year 2016" at the Gloucester Sports Awards. Gutted to not be able to attend the awards due to being sick on the night of the event , but excited to get my winners award sent through the post , this is super cool after not winning in the 2016 Bristol Post awards last month. Great to be recognised for my achievements in 2016 - Thanks for Gloucester Rugby for sponsoring my award...

2016.11.16 -  Managed to get some practice in after school today with Dad. I hit the ball really solid, cannot wait till to work through this winter on my short game and putting to be ready for the 2017 season.

2016.11.13 - Played in the November-16 Junior medal today . First day out on the course pushing my own trolly without my Dad who had to watch from 50 yards away. Had a few issues with the electric trolly and did not enjoy the round as much without him being next to me. I did not score well on the front 9 shooting 51 for just 15 points , but recovered well on the second 9 holes to shoot at 46 for 21 points to finish with a Gross 97 , Nett 70, so played exactly to my 27 H/C . Semi successful first round without Dad.

2016.10.29 - Off a golf note, had my first match today playing for the Southampton Football Academy . Great fun and I feel having football as another love compliments very well into my physical activity to only further strengthen my golf fitness and stop me only working the golfers muscles

2016.10.26 - Great day today as played in the October Junior Medal at my home club The Kendleshire and shot a GROSS 92 , NET 62 off the Yellow Tee combination course of Holes 1-9 and 19-27 , so 5797 yards Par 72 (SSS 68) - This gave a win in the competition and happily got my handicap cut down to 27. (exact 26.8)

2016.09.28 - Notified today that although my recent score of 97 was Nett -3 under the par 70  the SSS was 68 , so only -1 was the score for handicap purposes. This has cut my handicap to from 30.0 down 0.5 to 29.5 (still a playing handicap of 30) - 3 or 4 more medals in 2016 to try to pull the H/C down to 28 , so I can start to play in more junior events - Keep moving forward.

2016.09.25 - Played in a home course event "The Seasonal Cup" - Different course set up today playing as front 9 holes 19-27 (2809 Yards Par 34) then as back 9 holes 1-9 (2988 Yards Par 36) - Some sloppy shots going out to score Gross 50 (1 shot over my H/C) , but played more consistent golf coming back to shoot 47 (-4 under my H/C)  - Ended the round with a Gross 97  / Net 67 which I think may get my current 30 H/C cut - lets wait and see - Back to the practice ground to work on those 50 yards and less chip shots and need to stop the 3 putts......

2016.09.18 - Long putting session with my Dad today, working on putter alignment and stroke distance combined with distance control of the ball to ensure safe lag putting. - good fun , but not as exciting for me as hitting the ball, but a very necessary part of practice as my Dad keeps telling me. 

2016.09.16 - Did further filming today, this time with the BBC for and was shown LIVE on TV today, was nerve racking to hit shots LIVE, but great fun doing the filming and the guys from the BBC were great fun.

Also the Made in Bristol TV segment was screened today at 19.00pm - A really nice piece by Richard and Nigel from "Made in Bristol" - I feel very very lucky yo have the opportunities to do the TV work.

2016.09.11 - Nice bit of practice with my Dad tonight focusing on wedge work and under 50 yards pitch shots , plus putting session at the end .

2016.09.06 - The TV segment was screened today on ITV West in their 18.30pm news segment. Really cool to see myself on the big screen. You can see the video in my Press Release tab at the top of this page...Hope you like it!

2016.09.05 - Played front 9 holes today at home club and shot a solid 44 (+8 over the par 36) - played really nice except an 8 on the par 5 5th hole. Getting more and more consistent now to easily break 50 with last 3 scores being 46/42/44. Happy where my game is at right now and excited for the next Junior Medal to try to bring my handicap down

2016.09.01- Played for the Juniors at my local club today in a match over 9 holes against the ladies. Really enjoyed playing with my new friend Ryan (a fantastic junior golfer with a 2 handicap) - Had my best ever 9 hole gross score of 42 over the 2998 yards Par 36 front 9 - so happy to lower my best on the front 9 (really solid golf with 4 gross par's)

2016.09.01 - More TV filming today, this time for local Bristol channel - Made in Bristol - Such nice guys Richard and Nigel, it was a pleasure to see them both again - I will update once I have a link for the TV segment.

2016.08.31- Had a strange day today as did 2 hours of filming with UK TV station ITV West for a slot on TV to be shown over the next week or so. Great fun with the presenter and cameramen. Excited to see how it turns out.

2016.08.29 - Day 2 PM - Final Round - Again super stuff tee to green, but short game very off again, not feeling that confidence on the greens or with wedges  this event . Pulled back the leaders through great long play though, so with 2 holes to play , i was tied 2nd place and just 2 behind leader. Hit a great 6 iron into the 8th to 15 feet, but did not touch the hole with the putt (no surprise!)  . Final hole another good iron, but chose wrong club to end short of flag , then sadly another 3 putt . Finished with a 33 (+3 over par) alone in 3rd place , 2 behind leader and 1 behind second...Gave the tournament away to other players by getting down on myself  in round 1, (Day 1) , I will not be doing that again, but very proud of the way I pulled myself together on the second day to getting into the top 3 again for second year in a row, cannot wait for my short game to match my long game, then its going to be a real fun time on the course. ---This weekend I will take away a useful lesson to help me when things are not going quite right.

2016.08.28 - Day 2 - AM Round - Played super today , tee to green was awesome , started with a birdie and things looked good through 3 holes at -1 under par - Hit 6 greens from 9 in regulation , but another tough day on the greens with 4 more 3 putts saw me finish with a 34 (+4 over par) that should really have been 30 max - 3 hours to wait now till final round - have moved up field into last group and now 4 shots off lead and 2 behind second , with me placed 3rd.

2016.08.27 - Day 1 - Horrid Tough day , my worst golf in the last year or so  ,4 x 3 putts , 2 complete duff shots ( a missed 1 foot putt) and I got down on myself  in a bad mood after 5 holes - finished with highest (9 hole) par 3 course score in last 18 months  (+10 over par)  - Disappointed in myself for quiting as Dad always tells me "Never Give Up"  - Currently tied 9th  - Will let go of the anger and try to play with a calm head tomorrow - 6 shots behind the leader as top score is 34

2016.08.26 - Played practice rounds today at the 1520 - Par 30 Balgove Course - Did not play well AM and scored 36 , played a little better in the PM and scored 33 - Looking forward to Day 1 tomorrow.

2016.08.25 - Arrived to St Andrews Scotland today after a 9.5 hour drive from Bristol England - ready for the weekend and the British Boys 6 and Under 2016 Finals. 

2016.08.21 - Got confirmation today that handicap cut to 30 - Getting close now off Yellow tees to that 28 handicap when I can then enter full Junior Opens - Cool stuff

2016.08.20 - Had my first photoshoot today for an upcoming article. Exciting to set up  for different images , from practice range  to bunker play , chipping and putting, plus an interview . Had to be careful when hitting balls straight over the head of the photographer when he was he directly in front of me!

2016.08.19 - Great practice session today - hit the ball really well and alignment practice was great . Played an 18 hole round on the Academy Course (6 holes x 3 times around) to make up the 18 holes - Please to score level par 54 as I had not played an 18 on the shrt course for quite a while - Short game in better shape now than when we were in the US at the World Finals - Not log now until we make the journey to the "Home of Golf" at St Andrew for the Wee Wonder British Finals on the weekend of the 27th and 28th August - Excited to be back at that wonderful place

2016.08.18 - Today played a junior medal off Yellow Tees (6118 yards - par 70) with my new 36 handicap. Played some good golf and some horrid stuff (dropping 21 shots on just 7 holes) . Finished with a Gross 99 - Net 63, so that should drop my handicap a little - Too many silly errors and short game was off - back to the practice ground - but I loved being out there in the competition atmosphere.

2016.08.13 - Exciting News today as I played by first full round back at my home course - The Kendleshire Bristol UK - I was super super pleased as I shot a GROSS 90 (off the back Yellow Tees) on the 6118 Yard - par 70 , so just 20 over par . This beat my previous best score 98 , by a huge 8 shots and really gives me confidence as we approach the British Boys 6 and under championships at St Andrews - Scotland on the weekend of 27th and 28th August

2016.08.08 - Today we started our trip back to JFK Airport in NYC to fly back to the UK after an amazing US adventure that I will remember always - US Kids were great and the Pinehurst Resort was truly amazing (Weather not so much - haha Thunder storms , rain and 40 degree heat made it a tough 7 days on the body)

2016.08.07 - Today I travelled to the Mid Pines GC, the venue of the US Kids 7 and Under event (next age group up) as I wanted to see how I could score there - I was happy to card a +2 over par score of 38 at the 1711 Yard - Par 36 course, that I must say was wonderful to play and in amazing condition throughout - I would love to go back next year and play in the World Finals 7 and under , but without funding or sponsorship, this will sadly not happen.

2016.08.06 - Putting Competition - At the end of the event, US Kids ran a putting competition based around lag putting. I was not going to enter due my previous days issues, but decided to enter and continue to putt cack handed. The event was open to all boys 6 and under and all girls 7 and under, who had played the Midland GC . After many many many rounds I came away victorious as World Putting Champion (from around 120 boys and girls) - This was a great end to my time a Pinehurst and meant I had collected 3 trophies in the span of 4 days

2016.08.06 - Day 3 - Final Round - This time , my Dad and I decided we would attack the par 4 holes and try to move up the field into the prizes (1st - 5th place). The winner was already set after 2 great rounds and so I had nothing to lose . This day was better slightly with putting as we made a decision after round 2 to switch to cack-handed (after a little practice I felt happy) - This day only 18 putts to finish with a -2 under par 34 ... This moved me into 4th place in the World and meant I would get to join the the winners group on the stage at the closing ceremony that evening

2016.08.05 - Day 2 - The players were seeded for this day by 1st round scores and so I was 3rd from last group - Again my long game was good , short game again not where I would like to be, with a further 20 putts and a few additional missed short putts  to shoot level par 36 once more - Sadly this moved me back into 7th place

2016.08.04 - Day 1 - We teed off almost final group late in the afternoon heat . I played very solid off the tee , but my short wedge play was off and I took 20 putts over the 9 holes and missed 2 x 3 foots putts also,  to card a 1st round of 36 - This placed me in 5th place of the 84 qualifiers

2016.08.03 - Today I travelled to Midland GC for my first view of the venue for the 6 and Under World Finals - The 1311 Yard - Par 36 course - Not long , but some difficult sloping green and a few tight tee shots with greens heavily guarded by bunkers.  My Dad we made a decision to lay up on most Par 4 holes and not attack and look to work well with my wedges and putting - Practice Round ended at a score of 36 Level Par - Pretty Happy, but I  now I could shoot as low as 30 on the course if all parts of my game are on.

2016.08.02 - 08.30am  - We are off - 1st tee shot hot sweetly down the middle , Lev and I then played great team golf over the Par 36 - 1811 yard course and really worked well off each others best shots . We were blessed to make a total of 6 birdies and 3 pars across the 9 holes , which meant we scored a -6 under par total of 30 . This was good enough to win the event by 2 strokes from 2nd place and meant that Lev and I became WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONS - I was over the moon with excitement to be presented with a wonderful replica trophy of the famous Pinehurst "Putter Boy" statue - My Mum and Dad, said they were so proud. I must say thanks so much to Lev and his Dad Ilia for my invite to be Lev's partner in the event - (Great Great People)

2016.08.02 - Arrived early to the club around 07.30am for the 08.30am shotgun start - For the first time I met my partner (who we met through twitter - 8 year old Lev Grinberg from the Ukraine  - We had agreed in advance to wear all white matching outfits , so we looked good and I felt so ready and crazy excited to play.

2016.08.01 - Arrived at Pinehurst Resort NC and went straight to the main club - wow what a place with just amazing practice facilities and an amazing clubhouse full of history and amazing pictures of years gone by, showing all the famous players that have played the courses - We check into our rooms and I got prepared to play in the World Team Pairs (Scramble) event the following day at Longleaf Golf and Country Club - Very excited now to get out on the course

2016.07.27 - We left the UK today to fly to the USA (New York) for a couple of days before driving the 12 hour to PInehurst NC for the US Kids 2016 World Finals

2016.07.25 - Final practice session today, before I fly to the USA,  to prepare for the 2016 US Kids World Finals next week - Playing with my grandad today who still plays to  a single figure handicap and he is 73 (I love it when my grandparents visit, so nice to have family around).

2016.07.24 - Agreed today to play in the 2016 US Kids World Finals Team event to be held 02.08.2016, I will partner a friend of a friend in the shotgun , scramble based event  - very excited and feel blessed to have the opportunity.

2016.07.23- Played in the Wee Wonder Regional Final today at Farrington GC. Was super happy to shoot my lowest score ever at that course. Finished with a score of +1 over par 28 . And to top off my day , this ended up being the lowest score of the day of any player up to the highest age section 11-12. (Next lowest was 30) - Dad said that was the strongest and most complete he has seen me play, which was nice to hear. 

2016.07.22 - I was on TV today, very odd to see myself on the big screen playing and being interviewed . Hope people liked it

​2016.07.19 - Did a filming session today for a couple of hours for a TV segment soon to be played on a local TV channel - Good fun, but was nervous  to be in front of the camera, but think I listened and took direction well. Funny to be interviewed, but overall a very  good experience. Mum and Dad were very happy with me .

2016.07.18 - Great practice session today, really felt comfortable over the ball, excited for the weekend event coming up with Wee Wonders

2016.07.17 - Played a full 18 holes today off YELLOW TEES - par 70 - Had a number of lose shots , but a lot of good stuff also. Front nice was a 49 which I was happy with, but came back in 53 , dropping 6 shots in the last 3 which hurt . Still a good score of 102 on the longer course.

2016.07.16 - Played a view holes this week, my game not on fire, lets say that much, but really enjoying just being out on the course.   US trip coming up soon , just wishing we could find a company (s)  interested to provide some on-going sponsorship.

2016.07.06 - The last 3 days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday just spent practicing at my local club, working on my short game and putting. Getting excited as soon school comes to end end for the summer and shortly we travel to the USA for the US Kids 2016 World Finals in Pinehurst North Carolina - Super excited to travel to the USA , but sad to have not been able to find the funding support we would need. If anybody can support, please click on the donate button above...

2016.06.26 - Played 18 holes today YELLOW TEES -  6118 yards - par 70 - wanted to hand in my 3rd card for a yellow tee handicap - The rain came down from the 1st through to the 18th (horrid) - Solid front 9 score of 48 (12 over par) , but fell apart at end of the back 9 and finished with 102 final score (back 9 of 54 - 20 over par) - dropped 14 shots in final 5 holes (argh!) - Now have 3 cards for Yellow Tee handicap allocation of 104 /102 and 98

2016.06.21 - Played Kendleshire tonight and was playing super golf, just 7 over par after 7 holes , started to think about my best score front 9 and lost concentration on the moment - Finished with a 8 (3 over par) and then another 8 (5 over par  - hit 2 in the lake on par 3 ninth!!) to finish with a 51 (15 over par total) - Need to hold my concentration on one shot at a time and not get ahead of myself  - lesson learned !

2016.06.08 - My Dad took me to The Kendleshire  after school to play the back 9 (Ruffet Course) off the Yellow Tees  - Par 34 . In lovely weather,  I was super happy to shoot 13 over par 47,  even after sadly finishing with a 7 on the 18th hole, by knocking a ball in the lake by the green . This is my lowest score on the difficult back nine and off Yellow Tees also, so a great evening. - See Video Here

2016.06.05 - Great Hot Sunny Weather today at my home club for "The Seasonal Cup" Medal event - I was super happy to shoot a gross 98 off the yellow tees around the 6118 yards - Par 70 course . Nice golf for 17 holes with a blip on the par 3 11th with 2 balls in the lake coming off with an 8 - I will use this card towards getting my full yellow tee handicap (I need 1 further card to go with 2 I have of 104 and 98)

2016.06.04 - Mum and Dad drove 7.5 hours to get us back to Bristol UK from Scotland today, we are all tired from the week , tomorrow I will place in a Medal Event at my home club off yellow tees

2016.06.03 - Spent the day looking around Edinburgh today as a chill day after the golf.

2016.06.02 - Round 3 over in great weather and with the last 2 groups left out on the course I was leader in the clubhouse after a -2 score of 34. Again solid play tee to green , but the putter did not help me and another 3 putt hurt. After the final groups came through all the boys scored well  and I moved back into a tie for 5th place with fellow UK player Aiden Lawson with us being the highest ranked UK players . A 3 round score of even par 108 was a good way to end the week. Winner was -6 (102) Second (tied) was -3 (105) , Fourth place was -1 (107) and then Aiden and myself at Even par (108) . Looking forward to returning to Longniddrey next year in the same 7 and Under Category - (View my score cards by clicking this link)

2016.06.01 - Round 2 completed and I scored better today with a -1 score of 35, this moved me up into 6th place . Played great today tee to green but had 22 puts otherwise it could have been really low ( 2  x 3 putts and a 4 putt). Still cannot seem to get used to the quick greens . Leader again shot a -2 score of 34, so a low score is needed tomorrow

2016.05.31 - Round 1 of the event today and I finished with a +3 over par 39, not my best golf and struggled  on the fast greens. Leader shot a -2 score of 36 and I am back in 10th place . 39 was a popular score in round 1

2016.05.30 - Loved the Longniddrey course today and played great in my 2 practice rounds. 1st Round was -5 under par 31 on the Par 36 1417 yards course (a no bogey and 5 birdie round) , 2nd round was a par 36 score (with 2 birdies and 2 bogeys)

2016.05.29 - Travelled to Scotland today (7.5 hours drive) ahead of the US Kids European Championship at Longniddrey GC (I will play in the 7 and Under Category as I recently turned 6 years old) - Really Really  looking forward to seeing the course tomorrow and playing some practice rounds

2016.05.28 - Played in a First For Golf competition today at Thornbury GC in Bristol UK. Was pleased to Win the Gross Event on the Par 3 course shooting a Gross 67 on the Par 54 Course 

2016.05.22 - Played in Wee Wonders Event today at Broome Manor, Swindon UK . Was happy to play well and finish with a Gross 35 and be the winner of my age category

​​2016.05.18 - Practiced today at my home club on their Par 3 Academy Course. Hit the ball nicely and got a half with my Dad.

2016.05.15 - Travelled with Mum and Dad today to Broome Manor Golf Club in Swindon to try out there BLUE TEE 9 Hole Course ahead of the Wee Wonders Event that I will playing in on Sunday 22nd - They have the course set up as a Par 34  - 1463 yards course (with 2 par 5's / 3 par 4's and 4 par 3's). Was very happy with my 2 rounds shooting 1 over par 35 and and a 2 over par 36 - Looking forward to playing in the event there now next Sunday.

2016.05.10 - Wow - Playing handicap has been cut to 26 (exact 25.6) - Those 2 recents rounds really brought it down - Need to break 100 every time I play now!

2016.05.06 - Another Handicap Card today and am now happy and sad combined . Finished with a Gross 26 over par 98 for a Nett 62, but was only 15 over par stood on the 16th Tee . Dropped 11 shots in last 3 holes (lost 3 balls - that's Golf I guess) . Excited to see how the 2 scores this week effect my 36 handicap.

2016.05.04 - Did a Handicap Card today and had my lowest Gross round ever. Shot a Gross 94 / Net 58 off RED TEES . Super Happy shooting 10 over going out and 12 over par coming back in through the back 9 which I find the hardest.

2016.05.02 - Played in my first club competition today. The Generation Cup - Playing off Yellow Tees I was super happy to score Gross 104 , Net 68 against the Par 72 in horrid rain. 3rd place for my team and my first voucher to spend in the Pro Shop.

2016.04.23 - Exciting News today as I was awarded my first RED TEE handicap of 36 - This is a handicap at my home club . 5426 Yards - Par 72

I plan to work hard to bring this RED TEE handicap down and then move onto to obtain a full CONGU handicap off the YELLOW TEE 6118 Yards - Par 70